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( Aug. 22nd, 2007 11:07 pm)
A few minutes ago, another storm front blew in.

The front door rattled and a piece of wind shrieked through a minute opening in the weatherstripping. A crack of thunder sent our biggest, baddest cat scurrying to hide under the couch. The kitten chased after him until it became apparent that Bing was not being playful, while old, deaf Sarah just looked bewildered.

For a few minutes, the sky was full of fireworks, with thunderbolts crashing on top of dry rips of lightening.

Then it settled down to another round of steady rain with flickers of light and grumbles of thunder. Bing crawled out from under the couch but still wouldn't play. The kitten stalked away full of contempt for his staid elders.

We have had enough rain for a while. I so wish I could send this to a drought stricken area. We now have standing water in the back yard, even though we are on a hill.

I think Saturday I read that we already had exceeded the record August rainfall. Since then we received more inches, and the forecast continues to call for rain every day.

Send it to Colorado, PLEASE


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