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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 01:39 am)
I look out the window and I see 4 inches of fresh snow.

But I know spring is coming because no one is wearing lip balm to the barn despite the raw temperature and icy wind. Nobody wants to go home with a mouth coated in shed horse hair. Trufax.
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( Sep. 12th, 2007 01:40 am)
There was a barn fire this afternoon at a stable very close to where I board my horse. Eleven horses died.

I know this barn.

There is a picture in the wire story showing two of the horse owners watching. I don't know these people, but the look on their faces makes my heart break.

Fire is every horse owner's worst nightmare. It is much more likely that a horse will die of colic or be put down due to injury or old age than suffer a fiery fate. So the nightmare is probably not rational.

But barns are tinderboxes stuffed full of fuel. When a fire does happen, it is an inferno that few living things escape. Today's high winds made the flames even more furious.

I read an LJ community where people can rant about their customers. A popular phrase after describing a particularly horrible customer is DIAF. Die in a fire. While I understand that the phrase encapsulates the frustrations of the service industry, I don't think i will be reading the community for a few days.
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( Aug. 29th, 2007 12:14 pm)

What can I say that is witty or amusing about mold?

With all the rain and heat that we have had this month, everything at the barn grew a gray fur coat this week.  Moldy tack, moldy feed, moldy brushes.  Yuck, yuck, and more yuck.  I spent most of yesterday's trip to the barn cleaning and disinfecting.  And breathing in mold spores.

Yep.  I'm allergic to the stuff.

Today my eyes were glued shut and I can barely breathe.

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( Aug. 28th, 2007 02:14 pm)
Sometimes I think owning a horse is just an excuse for my leather addiction.

Or maybe the inspiration.

mmmmmmmmmmmm boots.

I was surfing the intarwebz looking for boot pictures, when I came across a fetish site specializing in dressage riders. Good lord! Back when Idjit was in serious training, I dressed JUST LIKE THAT for every riding lession. Breeches, tall boots, close fitting shirt, hair pulled back tightly. Carried a whip, too, by gum!

The oddest thing about the site was that the models never showed any skin. (The narrative was QUITE explicit, so I am not imagining that it was a sexual fetish site.) So I guess the reaction of some of the bystanders at a costume ball I attended in full Dressage regalia was ... typical.

I delay going to the barn where I board my horse until after dinner because today it is 96F and 99% humidity. I get there about 7:30 and it is noticeably cooler! The place is more crowded than I've seen it in a long time because everyone else had the same idea.

A few people are riding, some are hosing their horses down. But almost everybody has turned their horses out into grass paddocks (There had been no grass turnout earlier because it rained last night and horse hooves+wet pasture = destroyed pasture, but the day's heat has dried everything and we may now put the horses on grass).

And everybody is sitting in the faintly cool breeze, enjoying wine and cheese and crackers, and watching their horses munch grass.

This sounds like a great idea. Especially the wine and cheese part. So i go get Idjit.

The only open paddock shares a fence line with four others. All four are filled with mares who are quietly eating grass.

I turn my old, arthritic gelding out. He spies the mares. He takes off. Tail up, nostrils flared, bucking and kicking and generally strutting his stuff for the womenz.

They all LIKE Idjits stuff. They stop eating and start sashaying up and down the fence line. THANK GAWD for electric fences.

However, the gates are not electrified. Much smooching and nibbling and squealing and jostling for position occurs over the gates. And of course Idjit must pay attention to the mares behind all four widely separated gates.

SO off he races from one gate to another. And when Idjit runs, they ALLL run.

It was a miracle none of the younger mares jumped the gate so they could take Idjit for a ride.

They were SO beautiful, running against the sunset.

But pretty soon, we realized that we had a dozen overheated, excited horse to bring in and cool down before they could be put in their stalls.

Just getting them out of the paddocks was an adventure. Think half ton pogo sticks, bouncing all over creation.

As soon as i got Idjit out of sight of the mares, he reminded me that he had not eaten a single mouthful of grass, and that he was about to faint from hunger, so I had the easy cool down - we walked out back and grazed the edge of the back road.

But some of the mares were still all googledy eyed when I left.

Who'd a thunk the old gelding still had it in him?


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